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Billings MT hotels. Search for hotels in Billings Montana USA. Sights, attractions, wildlife, national and state parks and/or forests of Montana. Warnings, anecdotes and travel advice from Montana scary stories, ghosts, hauntings, myths, legends, monsters and folklore.

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    Reptiles, Mammals, Birds and other Wildlife / Fauna of Montana

    Wolverines, peregrine falcons, elk, American white pelicans, mule deer, black bears, coyotes, wild turkeys, gray wolves, grizzly bears, turkey vultures, moose, bighorn sheep, bald eagles, rattlesnakes, beavers, Canadian lynxes, great horned owls, raccoons, red-tailed hawks, white-tailed deer, bison and mountain goats are among the wild animals of Montana.

    Ghosts, Folklore, Scary Stories, Myths, Monsters and Legends in Montana

    How the Brantley Mansion in Helena is haunted by the spirit of Judge Theodore Brantley who, in spite of his dignity, is not above stealing candy, especially M & Ms (perhaps he has been unjustly accused of this, and lingers on Earth seeking justice for himself); the ghost of a mutilated man seen on East Park Street, Butte; the giant, serpentine Flathead Lake monster; the fur-bearing trout (also called the furry trout and similar to the Lodsilungur of Iceland) that was described in a 1929 edition of Montana Wildlife magazine; and how, in 1958, the household of the King family in Glendive was plagued by a fire-starting poltergeist (as is the case in many such incidents, there was an adolescent girl in the house), are among the true ghost stories, myths and legends of Montana.

    How a spirit affectionately called "George" inhabits the Children's Theater in Missoula and makes himself useful as an invisible prompter; the Lady in White haunting the Chico Hot Springs Lodge and Ranch near Pray; how the area of Black Lake, on the highway from Great Falls to Fort Benton, is haunted - drivers who hit a Native American man on the road find that he has vanished, only to reappear further down the road; hauntings in the historic Dumas Brothel (now a museum of brothel life) in Butte, including the ghost of the suicide Elenore or Elinore Knott, seen with the suitcase with which she was going to leave with her lover, who ever arrived; and how a fourth floor bathroom at Carroll College in Helena is said to be kept locked because of a haunting so terrifying that a priest defenestrated himself, are other legendary tales of ghosts and haunted places in Montana.


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